Mi pedacito de México

Tacotomía is created thanks to Chef Karla Hoyos’ abuelita, who shared with Karla the love and respect for Mexican cuisine. It’s also Karla’s tribute to her Mexican roots.
Tacotomia honors and respects the entire process involved in Mexican food. From the cultivation of the maize grain in Chiapas, the nixtamalization of the corn to knead and create the tortilla to the end of the process with the taco that arrives to your table

Mexican food by Mexican people

For Chef Karla Hoyos it’s very important that the process of Mexican cuisine is the original, traditional Mexican cooking, and just as she remembers it from her childhood in Catemaco with her abuelita.
Therefore, all our materials are fresh and of the highest quality. And we do our best to collaborate with Mexican suppliers who grow the best quality ingredients

La familia es todo

In Mexico we celebrate family by sharing our favorite food. For Karla Hoyos, all the experiences at her grandmother’s ranch are part of her identity as a person and as a chef. She inherited the love for food, her abuelita show Karla to respect the preparation and to have patience with the process.
At Tacotomía we believe we are fortunate to share our food and traditions and we welcome you to our home. Please come in, the food is ready!